not without the madness

here i sit.

american airlines rep: “your flight to london has been canceled.”
distressed {no longer a} passenger: “say that again???”

so here i sit, on cold concrete, directly out front of the departure terminal in louisville because i have yet to depart. i got that call exactly twenty four hours ago and since then, have been rescheduled and rebooked exactly seven times, in seven different ways. there were the multiple flights through dallas, most of which were delayed, and chicago. chicago in the spring is like a fussy child.. so haphazard and unpredictable. flights have been canceled right and left {north and south?} due to it’s crummy weather and hundreds [if not thousands] of people have either been slightly inconvenienced or hopelessly strandedprobably absolutely stripped of their sanity.
so that murphy could show me that he and his law meant business, i was treated to a wonderful spectacle just a few hours ago. after waking at 6am in my hotel {did i mention that i drove two hours from another airport where my original flight was scheduled?} with the possibility of hopping a 7am flight, i miraculously made it to the airport and through security with enough time to board!! so, why am i still in louisville?!

the spectacle i mentioned above was actually lightning striking and “shaking” the plane. i guess in hindsight, the flash was kind of a cool thing to witness, but after only ten turbulent minutes of being in the air, and six prior schedule changes/mishaps, the one plane i did catch was turned around due to the lightning incident and landed in the same place from whence we came.

so here i sit.

at least they didn’t take my funfetti icing after scrutinizing it in security..


and at least i have the beautiful voice of ryan adams to keep me feeling the love..


the time has come!

british flag in heart shape

dear fabulous followers,
with a measly twelve hours left, i just wanted to say that i will miss my home and my loves a ton and think of them often. i feel terrible that i wasn’t able to spend more of my last few days with people in general… this trip caught up with me faster than a crack head to their crack. packing {obviously} was done the night before [tonight] but i’m happy to say that {almost} everything is ready and my turtles are quite liking their brand new {well, technically used} fifty five gallon aquatic tank- it took a grueling three hours to set up this morning, but they are now very happy turtle babies. {not babies really, i’m a mother in denial.}


so many amazing things await me {and so many adventures to blog about!}, and with that, i bid you all goodnight & farewell!