finchley road, autumn foliage, autumn in london, northwest london, secret locations, secret tunnels, bring red leafy covering, graffiti, brick walls, exploring europe, a walk around london town, inviting and alluring, red tinted lighting, walk over the train tracks

i stumbled upon this dreamy tunnel whilst exploring a little corner of northwest london, near finchley road. nearby were signs advertising farmer’s markets both at west hampstead and swiss cottage. perhaps i’ll visit them over the weekend –

over this busy, beautiful halloween weekend. 

finchley road, london, london streets, old street signs, united kingdom, photography, brick background, west end lake, northwest london, exploring europe, missing letters, black and white letters

autumn is my favorite time of the year [halloween my favorite holiday]. a substantial horde of various squash / pumpkin types have made a home of my kitchen table. the smell of slowly rotting leaves on the sidewalk causes me to smile as i tread to the tube station in the morning. the air is crisp and clear, reminiscent of childhood and lifetimes past. for me, this time of the year usually signifies change, the ending and beginning of relationships, jobs, or lifestyle choices. winter is coming and however corny it sounds, the approaching new year is like an empty canvas…

beautifully bare yet full of potential and possibilities.

calvin and hobbes, full of possibilities, serengeti, hitching a ride, life is what you make it, endless possibilities, migrating with the wildebeests, comic strip, london

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