what it all could be

“i’ve hung my happiness on what it all could be.
and what it all could be.
what it all, what it all could be.”


i want to be a self-taught botanist.
i want to acquire a bicycle and ride it through pigeon-laden parks.
i want to learn latte art for that tiny moment of satisfaction in the morning, before i destroy the design with light brown sugar and a reckless spoon.
i want to bring the biggest bag of peanuts to st. james’s park and entice the brave squirrels to take the treats from my bare hands.
i want to paint one thing i’m proud of.
i want to smile at strangers, and not be quick with judgements.
i want to look out from a hot air balloon in cappadocia.
i want to successfully compost on my fifth-floor balcony.
i want to collect paper mâché cat-shaped trinket boxes.
i want to use less, think more, breathe slowly, climb higher, venture further, listen carefully, remember everything. i want to remember every single moment.

succulent, from italy, cactus, gardening, growth, goals, dirt, watering succulents, growing succulents, taking care of plants, taking care of yourself, stress relief, adoration, london








listening to:
damien rice.
my favorite faded fantasy.


cover photo:
lovingly borrowed from ben and viv’s travels blog

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