brown trout blues – day 6


it’s the sixth day of my most recentseven day challenge‘ – i believe i’m due for a little recommendary, ear lovin’-type playlist of some tunes i am currently {or always} into.

yesterday, i ventured to the tabernacle in notting hill {an intimate venue that boasts a wonderful courtyard} to see johnny flynn on his solo tour. the show was so relaxed. johnny was basically hanging around in the courtyard with everyone else before the set and his actual performance was calm and low key. no unnecessary bits of showy entertainment . . . just a guy, his guitar, and some really amazing songs. his full band, johnny flynn and the sussex wit, will be performing in three upcoming festivals: gentlemen of the road [20/7], larmer tree [21/7], and the green man festival [15-18/8]. i probably won’t be going to any of those so i’m glad that, through a bit of luck and the kindness of a girl from germany, i was able to snag a ticket to his tiny, sold-out show in notting hill {and make some new friends in the process!}

here is a pic of the tiny space.


here is a little playlist of sorts.

lucky trumble – nancy wilson
brown trout blues – johnny flynn
the curse – josh ritter
here i dreamt i was an architect – the decemberists
up from below – edward sharpe and the magnetic zeros
old fashioned morphine – the bloodroots barter
nicest thing – kate nash

emphasis on “little
i’m in a car, on my way to the airport so i should probably stop blogging to check that i have all necessary travel things / papers . . .

where am i off to?

guess you’ll see on my next post.
{and last of my challenge!}


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