soaring temperatures – day 2


where is a suitable body of water for me to swim / float / melt in?

today has been one big slushy blur. it must be the soaring temperatures. my inner car booting bargain-goddess abandoned me in the [literal] heat of the moment, i ordered way too much food at a restaurant in chinatown {i’m desperately trying to cut back on my spending}, i bought the wrong kind of mochi at a market, and there are strange, shadowy new tones on my feet – i haven’t had a foot tan since marching band camp.

meanwhile, i did find a lovely new breakfast spot for my boot sale sundays – just down the way from victoria station. the fruit salad with greek yogurt and honey was yummy and refreshing, and i was lucky enough to join a lot of different people at a large wooden table and listen to a german family discuss whatever they were discussing while i was eating. i have this peculiar infatuation with sharing tables with strangers. i think that maybe my personal bubble is just much smaller than the normal person’s bubble. this may sound completely creepy, but i find it so comforting while on the tube or bus, when the outside of my arm is slightly resting against the arm of the person next to me. the other day, this older woman nearly fell on a train and she unintentionally grabbed my knee for support. i was happy to help and didn’t have any sort of negative reflex from her touch, which a lot of people would shy away from. i read somewhere that physical touch is an integral part of a human being’s happiness. i’m not sure if that is true, but i do think it’s important to minimize the size of your bubble. there are too many people on this planet to be so focused on your own meanderings. it actually feels surprisingly nice to let someone else in from time to time.

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