seven day challenge – day 3

7 days
7 posts
7 albums . . . day 3

i’ve played dumb when i knew better
tried too hard just to be clever
i know honest thieves i call family
i’ve seen america with no clothes on

strange mercy, st. vincent, london, seven day challenge

why not listen to st. vincent’s “strange mercy”? i did just order it in on vinyl [with digital tracks!] on amazon. yep, i’m back into record-stocking mode!! along with st. vincent, comes ryan adams’ “easy tiger.”
this seven day challenge was definitely a brilliant idea. with repetition comes the ability to form a lasting habit. if there is something you have been wanting to do, a long list in my case, then i would recommend challenging yourself, make it fun! it’s the same mentality, the same tricks you would use with children . . . the first one to get their shoes tied and out the door, wins! wait, am i unintentionally comparing myself to a toddler? hmm, even if that is the case – i’m okay with that –
this technique works wonders for me!
as my mom would say –
don’t ever lose your inner child!

don’t worry, momma.
i haven’t.

here are a few more activities/hobbies/loves that i am trying to develop/do more often . . .

  • guitar . . . {i can’t sing}
  • singing . . . {i feel like i’m waiting for a breakthrough that may never come}
  • reading . . . {my brother recommended oscar wilde – i started on “a house of pomegranates” today}
  • eating healthy . . . {done, done, done. i’ve eaten a spinach salad almost every day for a week. vitamins. slowly but surely decreasing the levels of meat and dairy in my diet. quinoa here and there. superfoods like avocado & blueberries constantly. absolutely. nothing. microwaved. some people may not agree with me on what is healthy or unhealthy but i’m a firm believer of everything in moderation. especially meat. there are plenty of documentaries that can better explain my feelings about the meat industry and it’s terrible effect on the planet. but hey, to each his own. best thing you can do is live your life how you see fit and refrain from passing judgement.}

    eleanor roosevelt quote

    {cheesy? perhaps, but this gal was definitely on to something with her wise words}

  • art (sketching, painting) . . . {this is the hardest thing i have tried to do in a long time. i would rather sing in front of a hundred thousand people in all my naked glory than show anyone, anything i have attempted to create. these types of skills develop with a ton of practice, practice that i have not committed to in a very long time.}
  • learn french . . . {i fell in love with the melodic mutterings of parisians when i traveled to montmartre last summer. this past visit to paris in may only solidified my intense desire to learn french. the language is sultry, sexy, rhythmic, and captivating. i won’t start with language courses. [not enough time in the week. not enough money in the pocket.] i will start by spending twenty minutes a day listening to the likes of juliette gréco & carla bruni, lyrics in front of me, pushing myself to form the alien sounds with my clumsy lips. i wish myself lots of luck, this method is going to take some time . . . }
  • exercise . . . {my daily life at the moment, the getting from one place to another, always involves walking. i do my best to do so in a brisk manner but who knows how much that really helps! i have been working on my tummy a bit. now, don’t get me wrong – i love my body. i try very hard not to worry too much about a little fluff here and there because, honestly? i don’t want to spend my short life being consumed by a couple pounds . . . or 10. depends on my mood, i guess. as baz luhrmann once said, “it’s the greatest instrument you’ll ever own.” i have taken a lot of his words to heart. with that said, i’ve been keeping up with a short exercise routine to strengthen my core and tone my tummy. after three weeks, i am already able to do twice as many sit ups!}
  • keep in touch with far away friends . . . {i am doing my best, guys! already feeling much more settled in and comfortable. if you would like my uk cell number/skype/email,
    you know how to reach me}
  • blog more often . . . {so far, a success!}

i had to put this in here –
too good to keep to myself

: : : today’s album : : :

st. vincent
strange mercy

favorite song beforehand – “cruel” {to be honest, the only song i had really heard}
pleasantly surprised the second time around – why haven’t i listened to the whole album before??
favorite song(s) after today – “strange mercy” , “cruel” , “cheerleader”

: : : memorable lyrics : : :

did you ever ride a bear for me?
did you ever really care?
did you ever really care for me?
like i cared for you

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